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The gut is faster than the mind! Don't overthink your your documentary

Is it rational to trust your gut feelings? YES

You are working on your first documentary, you sometimes feel it is really hard, sometimes you want to give up. Sometimes you are tired and cannot see out the other end, how can this ever, ever become a film I can screen to the public? And sometimes you can feel really on your own and not quite sure if the direction you are moving in is the right one. So what can you do about it? TRUST YOUR GUT!

  • Go with your gut feeling. It is often right. Normal brain processes give us clues. We know when to cross a road, get out of danger, we can often feel what is not easy to explain. Instinct is the same. Studies have shown that overthinking can hinder decision-making and impede creativity.

"The Gut is Faster Than the Mind" says Neuroscientist Antonio Damasio of the University of Southern California. "The more you pay attention to the outcome of trusting your intuition in combination with facts, the better your future decision-making can become".

  • When you have your vision, find friends you can brainstorm with, even if they are not filmmaking friends. I often find myself alone, and when this happens I contact my brother or my colleague Wang Ying in China. I also reach out to a friend who will talk things over with me. It always helps, and keep my first impressions, first feelings close at hand

You need to believe in that inner voice. We are often instinctively right about things. If you feel that this is the way it needs to be done, then keep to that, because this is what is coming from your soul, your inner core and being.

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